Intensive for Couples

Private Intensives For Couples

Are you afraid your relationship is in trouble or on the brink of separation?

Are you experiencing the pain of betrayal or a loss of connection?

Do you want to re-commit and restore your relationship as soon as possible?

Do you want to heal, reconnect, feel hope again, and bring back the happiness and joy you once experienced with each other?

If yes, we definitely recommend our Private One-Day Intensive For Couples. During our time together, you will experience quick results, a deeper, richer connection with each other, and restored confidence in your relationship.

  • Explore creative solutions and find relief from critical issues such as:
    • Consideration of separation or divorce
    • Time sensitive and important decisions
    • Broken down communication
    • An affair or other breach of trust
  • Break free from relationship stagnation
    • Reinvent your partnership and open your heart to new possibilities.
    • Take your relationship to a whole new level of connection just for the sheer pleasure and inspiration of it.
    • Receive fresh insights that will energize and motivate you to get the love you want and deserve.
  • Say Good-Bye to a phase of your relationship that is ending
    • Say your good-byes in a mature, gentle and healing way
    • Move forward with respect and dignity to embrace the next chapter of your lives

Jumpstart your therapy– Full day intensives give you extra special, concentrated attention to resolve your current relationship challenges. The opportunity for transformation is tough to match in any other setting. Weekly follow up sessions available via telehealth for clients who live out of town in North Carolina or Texas.

Schedule your Free 15-Minute Private Phone Consultation to discover if this is the best solution for you and your partner at this time. We’d love to help.