Saying Goodbye

Letting Go and Saying Goodbye: Constructive Closure

  • Say Good-Bye to a phase of your relationship that is ending
  • Move forward with respect and dignity to embrace the next chapter of your lives
  • Say your good-byes in a mature, gentle and healing way

Many relationships end in anger and pain, leaving both parties with unresolved emotions for many years to come – impacting their lives and future relationships. In working with me for one or two days, you are able to celebrate the love you shared, understand your contribution to the issues leading to the end, and give a loving goodbye to the hopes and dreams you had. This experience frees you both, to embrace the next chapter of your lives.

This is a must for couples wanting constructive closure and to move forward with their lives, in peace and wholeness.

Private and powerful – Full One-Day and Two-Day Intensives give you extra special, concentrated attention to resolve your current relationship challenges. The opportunity for transformation is tough to match in any other setting.

In this one day or two day journey, you will transition your relationship with respect and dignity. Whether you are ending a long term relationship (of any kind) or leaving a marriage, the “Goodbye Process” is a powerful, healing and amicable way to let go.

Schedule your Free 15-Minute Private Phone Consultation to discover if this is the best solution for you and your partner at this time. I’d love to help.